What is EasyCommerce?

EasyCommerce is integrated, web-based service, that allows you to securely manage online business, anywhere and anytime. It automates order-to-fulfillment cycle, enabling SMEs to outsource their inventory management and order fulfillment. More information can be found here.

Easy setup

It's very simple to setup EasyCommerce. The installation of software is a process that takes a few clicks. Minimum level of skill is required.

easy setup zuti

Connect from anywhere

You can access EasyCommerce from any device - computer, tablet or mobile phone. Due to responsive design, dashboard will adapt to the size of any screen it is being viewed on.

Sell on multiple channels

You can use EasyCommerce with your customized webshop platform. It is compatibile with several other market places, such as eBay and Amazon, providing a one-stop solution to manage orders and inventory.

Real time stock control

Real time stock control

Have real time overview of your inventory, most selling products per month, products that are low in stock, etc. EasyCommerce will help you improve seasonal planning and facilitate budgeting fluctuation.

Real time track & trace

With EasyCommerce you can track and locate your bulk shipment delivery details into our injection points, at all time 24x7. Find out where and when your consolidated cartons were loaded or unloaded.

Real time track & trace
distribution channel

Choose distribution channel

It's up to you to choose your preferred distribution channel. We offer a variety of postal and parcel channels which are fully integrated in EasyCommerce.

Get customized reports

EasyCommerce will send you regular reports about delivery status of shipments, undeliverable items, returns, etc. You can choose data to collect and have customized reports sent to you daily, weekly or monthly.

customized reports
Get alerts

Get alerts

Never run into supply difficulties again. While you are placing daily orders on EasyCommerce, the system automatically alerts you with email if there are some "out of stock“ products.

Automatization of process

EasyCommerce automates order-to-fulfillment cycle, enabling SME's to outsource their inventory management and order fulfillment. It will help you avoid human mistakes and save your time and money significantly.

Automatization of process
IT Support

Full IT support

EasyCommerce comes with full IT support. Our highly professional support team will help you monitor every step of the value chain.

Secure and reliable

All data is backed up daily, written to multiple disks instantly, and stored in multiple locations. You could say our backups have backups. Files that our customers upload are stored on servers that use modern techniques to remove bottlenecks and points of failure.

Secure & reliable