Year by year customer’s taste is getting modified and companies should follow the pace of trend in order to achieve best customers satisfaction rate. When speaking of online customers, this holds even greater value because those customers are not holding strong brand/ platform loyalty. Online shoppers could be easily converted by price comparison model that is available on the web, and in most cases it turned out to be just correct.

Given all the problems with today smart, insightful shoppers, companies need to find a way to retain those customers and convert them into buying, devoted customers.

Fast delivery prerequisite

Delivery in this year will be the deciding factor. With introduction of new technologies shipping will progress tremendously and those who have most flexible, user-friendly service will posses threat to other businesses. We’ve heard of drone delivery options that are now being tested and soon to come into market. This century build innovation will automatically push needs and demand of customers dramatically.

Retailers who are able to offer fast shipping with numerous transportation options, preferably free, will relish a competitive advantage in contrast to those who don’t. For year of 2017 this will become the standard.

Mobile. Mobile. Mobile

mCommerce is increasingly gaining on its significance alongside with mobile use. Overseeing statistics, around 62% of online customers are coming from mobile devices and just 38% are desktop shopping.

Cross-device shopping is essential in habitat of today’s online shopper, which means that by now all shops should have responsive templates as a must. However those who consider getting in a race with competition, then they should implement APPs and they will most definitely take the cake.

Online Chat

An online chat system provides customers help on the spot. In comparison to a call center a process is less difficult and waiting time is significantly lower. Moreover, the boredom of having to dial a thousand numbers and navigate yourself through appropriate department does not exist. What is more

44% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a Web site can offer.

This is not only beneficial to consumer but employer could see benefits far more than sales revenue stream of purchases. In fact, people that respond behind live chats could perform multiple task at the same time and be of a better use to the company.


With clutter of mass production and distribution products this is the time to make distinction within the market clutter, and by doing so increase brand loyalty among customers. Best examples is brand named Sarah Chloe where all jewelry is opt to customization dictated by the consumers.

Companies that have started deploying this model have gained a lot of social media interactions by influencing e-WOM and user generate content. UGC despite its sharable power is also a great tool for initiating linking power of people. It has been demonstrated that people are more likely to share and get attached with the content if other people similar to them have advertised it in advance. It is organic way of promotion with no branded content on which people react impressively.

All said represent only a fraction of elements that could be improved within eCommerce to get more visibility and customer loyalty. It is incremental to keep pace of the emerging trends and demand of the market so that you do not get too comfortable with current situation that could be easily changed.