10 things you need to know if you are in e-commerce business

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In the 21. Century your market could be the whole world. You can develop your business globally. There are endless possibilities but there have never been more threats from the competition. What do you need to know to win in this uncertain environment?

If you want to succeed in e-commerce business you need to know this:

1. Why you have to use The Power of Branding?

Today, more than ever, giving e-commerce a persona is a must! Every e-shop has to differentiate themselves in order to win the battle with their competition. Besides the quality of the products, they need to create an emotional bond with their target audience creating a personality with whom they can identify.

2. How to Gain Customer Loyalty?

As online customers are not loyal either to brands or to online platforms companies need to find a way to retain and convert them in devoted customers. In order to do that they need to follow e-commerce trends and provide fast delivery, m-commerce possibilities, online chat, and personalization.

3. How to provide exceptional Customer Experience?

Everyone talks about exceptional customer experience, but what does it mean? What best in business shops do to provide their customers with an unforgettable experience and increase their sales? Some of biggest trends are using multiple selling touchpoints, loyalty programs, digital wallets, content marketing and integrations with social media platforms.

4. What are the busiest months in e-commerce and how to prepare for them?

November with its Chinese Singles Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, December with Christmas and New Year’s Eve and February with Valentine’s day – the most popular gift-giving occasion are the busiest months in e-commerce. What does every online business owners need to do to prepare himself for this situation? Some of the necessary preparations include:

  • AI
  • different payment options
  • and social selling.

5. How to gain a competitive edge with a 3PL partner?

On Cyber Monday – the busiest day for e-commerce and overwhelmed logistics department companies need to adapt to the dramatic rise in demand. Expertise, space, locations, efficiency and cost effectiveness are some of the reasons for contacting and hiring 3PL  Company. Companies specialized in solving logistics problems are experts in the field and could bring extra benefit to the company they serve.

6. Why outsourcing partner can benefit your e-commerce business?

Outsourcing some activities like payment processing, security protection, and fulfillment services can benefit your business redirecting focus on key activities. Having a fulfillment partner with global distribution channels and the presence of your products in the different market of the world can help you win your competitors.

7. Why should you outsource your fulfillment service?

Although fulfillment services are playing a vital role in your brand management running in-house fulfillment services can be expensive. There are 5 reasons why you should outsource your fulfillment service:

  • Experience
  • Staff
  • Facilities and operating costs
  • Logistics
  • and responsibility.

This will lead to increased revenue, better quality control, workflow monitoring, and increased response rate. But when you make a decision between Amazon and independent fulfillment service provider have in mind that a great sales channel like Amazon might be a poor fulfillment solution.

8. Why you need a Single 3PL with multiple locations?

Using a single 3PL with multiple distribution centers have many advantages. These are:

  • multiple inventories
  • minimization of risk
  • faster delivery
  • lower shipping costs
  • competitive advantage
  • and focus on growth.

9. Why having a reliable Inventory management system became a must?

An ever-growing number of online sales created a need for a top-notch inventory management system and logistics support. As inventory management is a part of the supply chain management system you need to have a reliable inventory management strategy in order to accurately predicting demand, manage your relationships with suppliers, use ABC prioritization, inventory management software and important principles of inventory management.

What to avoid and what to look after in regards to the inventory management system?

Some of the things that need to take care of are:

  • Inventory auditing
  • Claimed returns
  • Worldwide shipments
  • and packaging

10. Why do you need logistics and warehousing services that are up to date with new technology trends?

With the rise of E-commerce businesses, one of the main issues became the delivery of all these packages in time. For answering this problem, or taking this opportunity, digitalization of logistics and warehousing became necessary. Offering an online order fulfillment platform, like Easy Commerce, where one can check their stocks, track and trace the shipments brings stock management to the next level, improves productivity and cut costs throughout the supply chain.

To summarise:

You have products of top quality. Use emotional branding to connect with your audience. Provide them unforgettable customer experience. Offer them a superior service, when they need it the most, outsource your fulfillment. With reliable tech – savvy 3PL partner conquer the world!