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e-commerce trends

in 2022

swiss mail solutions ecommerce trends

E-commerce is an industry that is constantly changing. Its fast-growing technologies and trends are letting behind a traditional street-side business. From the safety of home, people rely more on their online stores and fast shipping.

In this blog, we will present to you some of the essential trends of e-commerce in 2022.


Green delivery & sustainable packaging

Since there has been a huge increase in online orders, there was also a huge amount of carbon emissions. Some companies started to reduce their carbon footprint. Other companies have already begun to use environmentally friendly delivery services, like bicycle couriers and delivery with battery-powered vehicles.
It is also essential to use eco-friendly packaging materials that can be recycled and reduce those materials’ amount.
Swiss mail solutions follow the newest e-commerce trends by using sustainable packaging and green filling. We use eco-friendly, safe, and the most advanced materials.

Customized fulfillment solutions and personalized packaging

It is very important to be flexible and meet customer needs. The time of “one size fits all” has passed, especially if we look at our purchasing habits. We all tend to have some personalized shopping experience. Precisely this is what’s pushing online retailers to adjust their business models to offer some customization for end customers. Small businesses can create one-of-a-kind supply chains for better growth and connection globally with personalization. To learn how – watch the video!

With cutting-edge technology tools, companies can make the user experience more personal. Web apps use machine learning to find out more about customers, where they live, and their point of interest, so the app can make the perfect offer to each customer. It is predicted that this trend will grow in 2022.
Personalized packaging is a new e-commerce trend that will continue in the following years. When customers receive a personalized packed item, it makes them feel special, showing that the company cares about its consumers. Those packages should still be made from eco-friendly materials that we mentioned before, but they should have a personal stamp that will stand out from the competitors.
Swiss mail solutions take outstanding care of its customers, creating personalized packaging and making the user experience unforgettable and personal.

New technology and

With AR and VR came a whole new world and possibilities. Nowadays, those technologies can be used in everyday activities. Using AR and VR tools, people can scan their home or office and apply any product from the store to see how it will fit in the new environment.
People have also begun to use voice search on their mobile devices and interact more with an online personal assistant. This will make voice commerce expand in everyday use. Voice commerce can buy things using your voice and a smart device connected to the internet. With voice commerce, shopping is more direct, and it takes less time to find desired items. That way, customers are more satisfied and have much more fun during shopping.
AI is used in every aspect of life. Many brands introduced their AI assistant to make shopping more personal end easier for the customers. They use machine learning to deliver a smooth user experience. Chatbots can recommend products, give some helpful information like shipping costs or upcoming sales.

Social media commerce

Today, we have many platforms to choose from, like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. The average user spends about two and a half hours on social media every day. That’s why many brands, besides their web and app stores, also have a shop on social media.
Shopping this way makes the experience more interactive. When someone buys an item, they can instantly share it on social media and gets likes and comments. Also, consumers can review other comments about products they want to buy or interact with the brand directly.

social media
mobile payment

Mobile payment methods

This way of payment is also called a digital wallet. If consumers want to use a mobile payment method, they must download software and link it to the credit card; that way, the app on the phone is connected to a bank account. For e-commerce, this is important because it is a very easy way of payment. The other advantage is security, and the customers can check out without handing over any details. The most popular mobile payments are Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, PayPal, Samsung Pay.

New Year will introduce some new and exciting e-commerce trends. It is essential to follow them up to improve your business strategy. It is also important to listen to your clients and always be ahead of the competition.