swiss mail solutions 5 Reasons Why Personalized Packaging is Essential for Your eCommerce Brand

5 Reasons Why Personalized Packaging is Essential for Your eCommerce Brand

We all adore opening packages, whether it’s our birthday, Christmas Day, or after purchasing a product online. That’s why custom packaging is essential.

Packaging is one of the main aspects of the product you sell, but unfortunately, many companies do not recognize it. You have worked so hard to create a product and experience that will appeal to your customers – why disappoint at the last stage?

Personalized packaging will not only be the highlight for your customers’ overall experience with your brand but can also have a host of other benefits for your company

Increase Brand Awareness

Whether you are a big company or a small business, brand awareness and recognition should be key in your marketing strategy. The days when marketing and advertising of your brand were used to increase the sales of your product are gone. You’re mistaken if you think you can achieve your marketing goals and improve sales using conventional marketing methods.

By designing a personalized box that stands out from your industry competitors, you’ll ensure that everyone knows your brand name from the delivery driver, customer, and all their friends. This will interest them in searching your brand online and possibly even purchasing your products.

Establish Your Brand

The unboxing experience is an underused and powerful way of building a relationship with your customer. It’s about the experience you create between your customer getting their box and using the product for the first time.

Have you ever looked for a product review on social media before making a purchase, only to stumble upon countless unboxing videos? That’s because people love product boxes, and it adds to the overall customer experience they have with your company. Many reviews on the internet only look at the boxes a product comes in. The last thing you want is to have your product front and center in an influencer’s unboxing video, and your packaging is generic, unbranded, and dull.

Let’s be honest. Who wants to receive their new exciting possession in a boring paper bag?

By sending your product in a high-quality personalized box, you’ll be adding to the customer experience a shopper has with your brand. The result? The ability to create a return customer base, turn customers into brand advocates, and drive-up profits.

40% of customers prefer brands that personalize the shopping experience, and 73% consider the post-purchase experience the most memorable.

Ensure your product is safe and secure when shipping

Shipping products isn’t easy as it sounds. One of the most challenging phases of order fulfillment for your company will be ensuring your product safely lands on your customer’s door.

Damaged and broken products are wasting your company’s time and money. They will end up getting returned by the customer and ruin what you’ve worked hard to create – a loyal customer base and profits.

Personalized packaging will help you ensure you choose the perfect fitting box to keep your product safe while also cutting down on any inner packaging you’ll need for extra protection (such as bubble wrap or brown paper).

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Save Time and Money

If you are looking for a way to add value to your product without increasing the price, personalized packaging is the solution.

It’s well-documented that custom packaging design is an excellent way of re-branding your business. There are case studies worldwide where companies have come from the brink of extinction to thrive due to re-branding their products.

For many small and medium businesses hiring an advertising agency is out of reach. Still, a personalized packaging design will save you many headaches and money in the long term.

Those days, you can find product packaging designs online or hire companies for less that will create personalized packaging designs for you in just a couple of hours.

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Add Value to Your Products

Have you ever been to a restaurant for the first time and thought, “I have a lot of food for my money?

‘You’re impressed and surprised, not significantly at the quality of food, but at the amount. You feel like you’re good and worth your money – if not more!

Whether the product you’re selling is good or not, bespoke packaging adds that ‘value’ factor to your brand. Your customer has ordered the product, but when he gets it in an elegant box with a custom tissue, that same thought goes through their mind: ‘Wow, I got a lot more than I thought I would. ‘

When you order custom packaging design boxes, you can create a package that will encourage your customers to buy your product.

Personalized packaging design also has the power to increase the appeal of your product, regardless of its quality or style.

It’s a great marketing strategy because it takes advantage of consumers’ desire for added value and personalized service. All this means that you can charge a higher premium for the same product.

The result? Your customer is more satisfied with their purchase, and you stay in their mind that little bit more.

Custom packaging design makes your product be highlighted from the competition and improves how much consumers want to spend on your product. Keep reading around our site for more tips on maximizing your business’s potential today!

Personalized packaging by SMS Fulfillment

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Custom packaging

Packaging according to your brand that stands out from the competition: boxes, customized tapes and stickers, and fillers. Add value to your product without increasing the price.

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Kitting is a process where your individual items are bundled together in a package. We can advise on the most cost-effective box size and combos for fitted boxes.

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Thank you notes, personalized packing slips, marketing materials, product samples, and discount offers. For the “wow factor” you are aiming for.

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