A debonair bonjour for swiss mail solutions

Sihem regularly greets people with bonjour, the French way of saying hello. She started her job as a customer care assistant for our clients at swiss mail solutions in January. Her area of expertise is clearly French. Sihem talks to French-speaking customers in their native language and helps them with their diverse queries. She really enjoys her work, because she likes getting into contact with different people and socialising. She is outgoing, convivial, polite and always ready to help. As she can apply her personal assets to her job, Sihem is a considerable asset to swiss mail solutions.

swiss-mail-solutions-A debonair bonjour for swiss mail solutions

»Travel improves the mind wonderfully and does away with all one’s prejudices« Oscar Wilde

Sihem’s favorite hobby is traveling. She has already toured the world and discovered the far side of it. Sihem likes to broaden her horizon by visiting various countries and getting to know people from diverse cultural backgrounds. She enjoys exploring different traditions and customs. Seeing the world holds a deep fascination for Sihem. “Travelling and getting to know different countries and people makes us more open-minded, more magnanimous and more tolerant,” she explains why she is so passionate about it.

Sihem brings her wealth of experience from her travels and previous professional endeavors to the team of swiss mail solutions.