A new chapter in communications

If you visit our blog regularly, you might have noticed a new name there. Yes, it is the same one that you find above these lines, marking their author. And yes, that is an obvious clue as to Ursula’s domain. She is part of swiss mail solutions’ communications section, a broad field comprising various tasks. One might even say that she works in the role of girl Friday – at least where texts, texting, and on- and offline presence are concerned.

German-speaking customers profited most from the first major communications project: swiss mail solutions’ homepage got a German sibling. Now you can read all information and blog entries in two languages. Our blog as a medium for news and updates is one of Ursula’s key areas. She is also responsible for swiss mail solutions’ internet presence. Social media accounts from Twitter, LinkedIn to Facebook and Google+ are in her capable hands. She keeps you informed about news, trends, and developments in warehousing, fulfillment, and e-commerce via these channels. You can read everything that Ursula writes, or be more precise, posts, there.

swiss mail solutions - A new chapter in communications

To reach everyone it is essential that swiss mail solutions’ communications are (at least) bilingual; business without German and English is almost unimaginable. Due to her university degrees in English as well as in German Ursula feels at home in both languages. She’s always loved texts and texting, a passion which she can put into her work. Our communications expert has a penchant for roaming and exploring fictional worlds. She immensely enjoys reading mesmerizing novels, preferably in English to hone her language skills – what a wonderful excuse! She also relishes exciting stories in movies, especially in the old-fashioned way: sitting in a comfortable seat in the darkness of the cinema, munching popcorn. If she munches too much, she has to do some sports as well. To have more motivation Ursula often combines sports with watching her favorite series or listening to music.