Women’s Day this year and every year is when we especially celebrate women’s contributions to the success path we’ve been on for close to a decade.

SMS is a global fulfilment service provider dedicated to keeping the highest standards in fulfillment. We are passionate about our work but genuinely inspired by the SMS team! With facilities in Austria, Serbia and Slovakia, 5700m2 of warehouse area and 55000+ products shipped monthly, we are proud to see a growing number of customers and a stronger bond with our long-term clients.

Employee Spotlight on Aleksandra 

Sandra’s 5th workiwersary is coming up this spring. Her journey matured along with the company, and she is currently holding a very responsible position as an Account Manager.

I have been with SMS for 5 years so far; actually, my 5th workiwersary will be in May. I started as a Logistic Manager, and as the company evolved, so was my position. Now, I am an Account Manager, supporting some of our biggest clients. Thanks to our management, SMS has greatly expanded its business and e-commerce solutions during the last few years. Also, our entire team was always on board with every development and operational improvement. 

So, what does Account Manager in fulfillmet do?

SMS is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, and we have clients that have been with us since the beginning. The fact that you are well familiar with these people and their businesses means the world to us, and we are proud of having them as clients all this time!

Priority number one for all account managers in our company is supporting the clients daily, taking care of their everyday orders and finding the best solution for various challenges in our business chain.

One of the most important things I had a chance to learn at SMS is that – nothing is impossible and that there is a solution to every issue. This is how we deal with each problem; we manage to solve it without underestimating it.

A degree in Philological studies in 4 languages

Yes, after my studies, I worked as a teacher for a few years but decided to go the extra mile. Upgrading my professional skills followed, and thanks to my polyglotism (I speak English, Spanish, Russian and Slovak) and my character, a fulfilment industry was a logical option. For sure, there were no shortcuts to being where I am now, but this is something I will never regret.

If I had to put my finger on one characteristic of this industry, it must be dynamic! And I love it.

Sandra holds the record in the office, not just in the number of languages she speaks!

It is believed in our office that I say around 10 000 words daily – not just in Serbian :D 

Although each member of a back-office team supports different clients, it is most important that we can talk face-to-face when it comes to solving important issues. This way, we can ensure that all ideas and suggestions are well-heard. I sit in a place where I have a good view of all my colleagues, and thanks to this position, everyone can hear me well.

I cannot imagine my working day without coffee, my notes, a laugh in the office and the adrenaline rush, and this is what makes SMS a good place to work.

Shining bright out of the office as well

Sandra is a Mom of two girls, and this is the thing she is most proud of.

My day sometimes lasts more than the already established 24-hour frame. Otherwise, how can it be possible to achieve all of this in a day? I am sure all the moms out there are wondering the same.

I especially cherish the time I spend with my family in the evenings and weekends. We are a nature-oriented family, and since I am a full-time working Mom, I must have productive time spent with my girls. We love gardening and our walks in the woods.

None of this wouldn’t be possible without the support of my husband. We are a good team!

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