The rising trend in beauty and health products sold by fast-growing D2C brands is a global phenomenon.
Those delicate products require proper storage and expertly packed items to help minimize damage. It is necessary to find the right fulfillment company with a perfect solution for this type of parcel.

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Are you ready to scale your business?

The demand is there, and it’s global! There’s no doubt that the idea of scaling the D2C beauty and health business is possible, despite the competition being stronger than ever. Having a reliable strategy in place to scale your business is essential. But the main question is: How do you scale?

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How will you fulfill and ship orders promptly and at an affordable rate? 

If you’re currently self-fulfilling orders, one significant sign indicates it may be time to outsource fulfillment: A growing volume of orders is coming from worldwide.

Cosmetics, especially makeup, are fragile and problematic to store, pack, and ship. It can melt and leak, or it can go wrong in the presence of humidity. So, it should be kept in clean storage with optimal climate conditions and packed carefully for safe shipping.

If your orders scale from 50 a month to possibly 100, 200, and now 400 orders a month, it might be an excellent time to scale up your logistics and fulfillment professionally.

Managing a high volume of delicate products requires a high level of expertise. There are some strategies how for protecting these parcels during transit. For example, knowing how and where the item will travel is necessary, so protective packaging should be used. Another great piece of advice is to use a trusted transport provider. Many companies will offer special services and insurance. 

High SKU complexity

Maintaining health and beauty fulfillment can be tricky because of the vast number of SKUs, sensitive expiration dates on products, and the need for the proper storage of delicate goods.

The average beauty product boasts many SKUs to account for different shades and finishes. TO ENSURE PRODUCT INTEGRITY, fast-moving SKU counts require careful inventory management, including FIFO (First In, First Out) and FEFO (First Expired, First Out) sequencing. There are also seasonal product bundles or holiday gift sets that require SKUs for the sale period. You also face the complexity of factoring expiration dates into storage and picking strategies to avoid writing off stock.

At SMS, we have the vital tools, state-of-the-art technology, and warehouse experts necessary to fulfill your health and beauty products as accurately and efficiently as possible.

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Packaging and user experience

Even if it is a brief moment, an unpacking experience is part of the product that customers are buying.

Nowadays, people pay more attention to the unboxing experience.”
Branded packaging and customized gift wrapping make customers feel special. A personalized parcel says a lot about the brand, and it is an essential marketing tool, especially in the beauty and health industry.

Usually, unboxing is posted on social media channels, which has a stronger impression on consumers than paying for an advertisement.

Offering fast and affordable shipping and an exceptional unboxing experience has significantly reduced cart abandonment and kept customers coming back for more.

Beauty and health fulfillment and shipping come with challenges, but our experts know how to handle them so that customers can receive their packages on time and without any damage.

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How do we handle those challenges?

Among other types of markets, SMS provides services for beauty and health markets, and we understand the delicacy of these products. Our warehouse experts handle items with the highest care, ensuring they are picked, packed, and delivered to prevent damage.

They make sure that the package is just the right size as the product in the box, using enough cushioning material.
Don’t forget to take care of the environment. Swiss mail solutions can offer biodegradable materials to our clients.

Swiss accuracy and best in the market fulfillment rates? We have them.