Capitalize on Sales Peak During Valentines Day With Best eCommerce Strategy

Oh, Valentine’s day!

14th of February right after Christmas and New Year is one of the most popular gift-giving occasions. It is when people regardless of their budget find a way to express their love and care by buying lavishing gifts to the loved ones. Event is worldwide but mainly advertised within the markets America and UK.

Valentines day is always a signal for marketers to do their best in promotional activities and targeting. Nonetheless, according to SACBEE this year people are hesitant to over spending due to uncertain political situation, taxes and many other fixed costs that may change. But, on the other hand Entrepreneur claims that this holiday hasn’t lost its momentum because in 2016 sales reached an all-time high.

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We will unveil flood of sweetheart deals that big online retailers have prepared for their consumers and how have they capitalized on peak sales. The list will showcase four e-shops as well as four distinctive categories that are all time popular as Valentines purchases.

1.Food – Marcs & Spencer

Amongst very best in food gifts customized specifically for Valentines Day is by far Marcs & Spencer. This product category is relatively new in comparison to their core focus that is wear – clothing, yet their laser focused customer target is impeccable. Keeping pace of what is trendy and is it market attractive product is most significantly their strong side. Examples of dietary products, attractive cartoon inspired product line for males “Star Wars” is just to name a few.

Today they have given wide specter of offers from chocolates in different packaging, biscuits, complementary flowers, flourishing boxes, champagne and wines.

2. Trendy clothing – Net-A-Porter

This specific online shop has benchmarked itself with the excellent User-experience. By obtaining high-end brand names and trendy must-have products, they have succeeded to be listed within suggested online shops by numerous respected magazines.

3. Cosmetics – Sephora

Every girls desire and also mans necessity. Cosmetics is something that all people need at constant pace because there are numerous different items listed from perfumes, make-up and different segments for hair, body, etc. All gender and age groups use it for their own purpose with most distinctive budgets which given greater scope to someone that wants to buy the product.

Sephora as one of the biggest ecommerce cosmetic shops has created a Valentines line and theme selected products that would be perfectly bought as a gift for the significant other.

4. Lingerie – Journelle

As sub-category of clothing it is highly popular amongst women through the year with the emphasis when festivities come. Designers pay extra attention to this and push as frequently as they can with all different themes, from Valentines to, New Years to celebrity inspired and many others.