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Electronic devices have now become an essential part of our everyday lives. Even if mobile phones are increasingly taking over functions for which separate devices used to be available, the need for products for particular tasks is still high.

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This year the consumer electronics market reached over $200 billion in revenue in the European Union. As a result of this number, many trademarks are experiencing difficulties when it comes to inventory management and order processing. Considering this industry is constantly innovating and progressing, it poses new challenges to all fulfilment order companies.

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Why is accuracy important for consumer electronic brands?

The demands of end consumers are constantly at the highest level; therefore, retail must follow that and be ready even to lose its customer if it does not meet all demands. Given that the competition for consumer electronics is enormous today, accurate and precise order fulfilment must be the top priority for all small and medium-sized companies. Orders are guaranteed to be delivered on time with good inventory management, packaging procedures, and short transit delivery times.

Packaging of consumer electronics and its importance

Anyone who sells consumer electronics online knows how vital proper packaging of orders is both from the seller’s point of view and from the consumer’s point of view. Packaging such goods is very complicated, considering that electronics must be safely, correctly packed, and insured against any damage from external influences. Packaging and presentation are essential if the order goes directly to the consumer or end customer. If, however, the product’s final destination is a retail outlet, then the product must be ready for the shelf.

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Consumer electronics safety and storage

Storing consumer electronics can be risky if no proper precautions are taken. Having a reliable 3PL partner for this industry is crucial since these products are at a higher risk of theft than most other products because they can be expensive.
Our warehouse is insured against theft, and there is an option for our clients to get additional insurance for their goods. Also, we maintain

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Working from home affects consumer habits

After all the events in the world in the past three years, we can notice that working from home is one of the main topics, and we can establish that it can change the course of shopping and consumer habits in the long run. Many people are making their homes into a workspace without questioning whether they will ever return to the office. Therefore, they need everything to be functional and equipped with suitable devices, high-quality computer equipment, etc. The new remote work trends are shaping purchase intentions and routines, affecting the consumer electronics market. In Canada, Australia, the UK, and the United States, people spend more than three or four days a week working from home. Accordingly, it is necessary to always have supplies available and ease supply chain gaps!

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Where are consumer electronics headed in the future?

When new technologies are developed, and new habits of the consumer society are acquired, the consumer electronics industry develops along with them.
Some of the innovations we can include here are the 5g network, artificial intelligence, parallel world or Metaverse, etc. These innovations will shape the industry and contribute to changing consumer behavior and demand.

The portion of the population buying consumer electronics will also increase yearly. While the elderly have been a notoriously challenging demographic for the consumer electronics industry, this will look very different when digital natives, accustomed to high digital connectivity, become an older demographic. Therefore, trademarks should consistently follow trends and adapt to changing consumer behaviour and demands.

SMS can offer value-added services to take your business to the next level, like pick and pack and warehouse management services. We offer the most efficient and cost-effective services for your consumer electronics fulfilment.

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