#cybermonday as a busiest day for e-commerce & overwhelmed logistic department. Gain competitive edge with 3PL partner!

swiss-mail-solutions-#cybermonday as a busiest day for e-commerce

Cyber Monday to retailers means completion of promotions and sales at least for the month of November before Christmas and New Years theme begins. Prior to CM, sales were produced for Thanksgiving and Black Friday too. Winter season is, in fact, the busiest time of the year when demand escalates tremendously and companies need to adapt to the dramatic rise in demand.

Cyber Monday is the latest installment and campaign created by retailers, but highly influenced by those who practice online selling since this is purely an ONLINE EVENT. Deals are announced online on the day of sale except some companies have a practice to leak a bit of intriguing products that will be price deducted earlier.

With or without knowing the final price of the desired product people prepare weeks in advance list of products aiming to purchase and they are ready for the click. But is the company’s system integrated? Can supply chain and logistic support follow up and is there enough stock of ready to go items?

Times like these put a lot of pressure on individuals working in such departments and company as a whole entails individuals to support logistics in any way they can. To do so, employees from other departments need to be cross-trained in order to be of assistance, but many companies do not invest heavily on this, yet requesting for omnichannel. This order of business could be even more challenging to logistics, therefore organizational skills need to top any additional. To correctly plan, reach and scale is the powerful weapon for customer experience and to step-up to demand. Yet, with a dramatic rise in volume logistics feels large pressure to deliver and dispatch more parcels. Along the way, with misguided steps, it could harm omnichannel model of business and shipping bottleneck may occur.

Why should you contact and hire 3PL company:

Companies that are specialized in solving one type of problem, just like logistic companies are could bring extra benefit to the company they serve. E-commerce that has a 2-3 people logistic team knows the market they operate in along with demands but they are not experts in the area.

  • Expertise – 3PLs are the best in what they do because they are focused on one problem only. They keep track of best practices in the industry and are up to date with the latest technologies that are needed for greater accomplishments. Their software is capable of better inventory management and fulfillment at warehouses. Track and trace is developed seamlessly and whatever the primary need of a client is, they address an issue according to customer preferences just like in
  • Space – A huge benefit is that you are loaning a space from your 3PL in which case you do not own it. Form as such is similar to leas, you can use it, but It does not belong to you, it is not your property which is a cheaper method. According to the needs and time season of the year, 3PL will adjust needed space, labor and means of transportation. Ups and downs of the industry will be adjusted quickly and easily.
  • Location – Positioning of distribution centers is another deciding factor and competitive edge in favor of 3PLs. They usually have more than one warehouse and a pure example is Swiss Mail Solutions that has a presence in EU, non-EU country and China too. This way distribution is more flexible and growth for e-commerce companies is more scalable for certain regions without barriers.
  • Efficiency and cost-effectiveness – Due to the vast resources available and accessible network, a job is done more efficiently for less money. Third party providers could get volume discounts and overall this results in lower overhead per unit. From a financial perspective, it lowers cost on trial errors and possesses a lower risk to the business. Likewise, it saves time on paperwork, auditing, billing and many other.

Contact Swiss Mail Solutions to see how can we be of assistance to your business and maximize your company growth! Next Sales rush is around the corner HURRY!