Expertise and experience for sms’ back office

Swiss mail solutions‘ team has been joined recently by Christoph, a colleague with long-term industry experience. He takes on the role of head of back office management. Fulfilling this position, he establishes a close connection between the processing department and sms’ operations. In other words, Christoph links all sections together. Hence, the trained forwarding merchant is othe first port of call in matters  of order processing, warehousing, organisation and coordination of shipments. Casually expressed, he is the expert for almost everything. Christoph can draw on hands-on experience for sms’ day-to-day business. He ran several projects with a focus on logistics and transport for renowned companies, among them the who’s who of the industry. Christoph acquired practical know-how and developed special skills there, from which swiss mail solutions profits greatly now.

swiss-mail-solutions-Expertise and experience for sms' back office

It is safe to say that Christoph is a family man. He devotes his free time to managing the trials and tribulations of family life. At the moment it’s his little daughter who keeps him on the go. As time to relax is scarce, it is all the more valuable and has to be used wisely. A good book, a wonderful spa or nature in general are sources of recreation for Christoph.

Mountains are his favourite location as far as sports are concerned. During the winter months he wedels down snow-covered ski slopes. In the warmer season Christoph uses different gear for his feet: hiking boots. He greatly enjoys exploring his surroundings on foot.