We are 3rd party fulfillment provider and we offer order fulfillment services to our clients.

Order fulfillment is a broader concept. It includes all services that are necessary to provide in order to goods arrive safely from the seller to the end customer. Order fulfillment includes logistics, distribution, warehousing, packaging, delivery management, customer and IT support services, and different value-added services that order fulfillment company provides to its clients from the moment that someone order some product on webshop to the moment that the order is delivered to the customer’s doors.

We integrate our Easy Commerce online Platform with your web-shop to keep up with orders that arrive in one of our warehouses, where we store them on shelves. We do daily pick & pack, labeling and distribution to the end customers.

Our warehouses are located in Europe (Serbia and Slovakia), and Asia (China and Hong Kong). In Europe, we have bonded warehouse in Belgrade, Serbia for goods that are in transit, and non-bonded warehouse in Bratislava, Slovakia for customs cleared goods. We also have a part of a warehouse in Bratislava that is bonded. All our warehouses are modern and have a lot of space. They are equipped with modern storage technologies and the scanning software that enables precise packaging and reduce miss picks to a minimum.

All goods that are placed in a bonded warehouse are not customs cleared and are under customs inspection. The customs duties are not paid for those goods, but we are able to distribute them to the end customers. All orders are transported under transit papers (T1) and injected in one of our distribution channels on a daily basis.

The non-bonded warehouse is used for goods that need to be imported in the EU. Those goods should be customs cleared before entering our warehouse. The import VAT charge and custom clearance is done by our agent in Bratislava and invoiced to our clients 1:1.

The benefit of a bonded warehouse is that there is no import VAT and customs clearance, and this depends on where the inbound shipment is coming from.

The benefit of the non-bonded warehouse is that shipment can be customs cleared fully in advanced and the final recipients in EU don’t pay anything.

When goods are imported into the EU country from the non-EU territory, goods may be subject to customs duties, excise duty, and value-added tax (VAT).

Yes, according to the EU Council Directive 2009/132/EC our clients can benefit from administrative relief, known as low-value consignment relief (LVCR).

LVCR is an optional VAT relief designed to speed up the transit of low-value goods through the mail, which might otherwise be delayed by customs. Low-value consignment relief allows goods valued at less than 22 € to be imported to EU from non-EU countries free of VAT and customs duty.

If goods are imported in the EU from non-EU countries it is necessary to pay VAT, but if the selling price of your goods is below 22 € no Vat is paid.

The seller pays VAT in case of DDP (delivery duty paid). The customer pays VAT in case of DDU (delivery duty unpaid). There is no double taxation.

Yes and no, depending on your business model.

Yes, you need to register for VAT if you pay VAT and not the end customers. Swiss mail solutions can help you in registration for a VAT number. Third country company (TCC) can register for VAT in Slovakia according to Art. 5 of Act 222/2004 on VAT valid in Slovakia. For importing goods in Slovakia TCC will need a customs agent and VAT declarations. For the preparation of documents for VAT (VAT report, VAT summary statements, and SK specific – VAT check statement). TCC will need to grant power to an attorney or tax advisor.

No, you need not register for VAT if your customers pay VAT.

Yes, each country has its own VAT rate. For example in Slovakia VAT rate is 20%. It can vary from 17% in Luxembourg to 27% in Hungary.

The VAT rates in different EU countries you can see at

Yes, if your country is not part of EU you are able to claim back the VAT. When goods are dispatched from a country that is outside EU, it should be put on pallets or in boxes, and together with a specially addressed proforma invoice and packing list shipped to our warehouse by airplane or by truck. We custom clear the goods and re-invoice you for duties and VAT 1:1. And you are able to claim back the VAT in your country, as your country is not part of the EU.

Yes, we can offer you additional insurance against natural disasters, floods, fires, and theft.

We distribute your goods to the end customers on a daily basis using various distribution channels always optimizing your costs.

We use various distribution channels in the postal stream till 2 kg like HU post, AT post, CZ post, Swiss post, etc., and different courier services such as dpd, DHL, DHL Express, Hermes and UPS.

Depending on the weight of the order, express request, dimensions, and market we can mix the channels offering you the best solutions, and you choose distribution channels depending on your needs.

After arriving of LVCR goods in our bonded warehouse import documents are being handled and goods stay non-customs cleared. The customs duties are not paid for the goods, and goods are transported from the warehouse under transit papers (T1) to designated distribution channels from where the orders are shipped worldwide.

Yes, we can offer you an express delivery.

Yes, you can. We offer to our clients both, trackable and non-trackable shipments, according to their needs, so they can always know where their goods are on its way to the end customers.

If a package is lost you have to inform us about that, and we start a claim/investigation with courier services or postal operators and resolve the problem.

Yes, but it can differ depending on postal or courier operators. DHL gives you reimbursement in the amount of selling price, dpd in the amount of purchase price, and different posts up to 30 €.

Yes, if you use courier operators as your distribution channels. Every delivered parcel has its proof of delivery. It is used for confirmation that parcel is delivered to the end customer if he/she denies it.

If you use postal operators as your distribution channels you must have POD only for registered service.

Yes. COD is mostly used in Eastern Europe countries. We can offer COD in certain countries of the EU. For offering COD in Serbia you must have registered company here.

We can offer our clients efficient picking and protective packaging. We use all the necessary materials to keep your items safe – bubble cushioning, foam wrap, foam planks, etc. We are also trained in advanced packaging techniques: block and brace, double box and suspension, so we can offer you customized packaging solutions that will protect your items and cut your costs consolidating your items into the fewest packages possible.

Yes, we take care of our client’s needs. We are aware of the importance of your brand image and can offer you packaging solutions that reflect your brand identity.

Yes, we can print on your behalf invoices, delivery notes and the other inserts to shipments.

We are constantly working on improving our client’s last mile delivery by faster order fulfillment, improved tracking options, delivery management, stock control, email alerts, returns, and redelivery options, and customized reports.

Yes, Easy Commerce is an online platform for our e-commerce clients that facilitate communications between seller and buyers. You can use it as a comprehensive online controlling tool for the complete supply chain. It automates your entire order fulfillment cycle.

Easy Commerce will always keep you informed about orders. You will have a real-time overview of your inventory, most selling product, products that are low in stock, and full stock control.

The system will inform you by email if there are some “out of stock” products.

With Easy Commerce you can track and locate your bulk shipments delivery details into our injection points. You will get customized reports about delivery status, shipments, undeliverable items, returns, etc.

Easy commerce will generate notifications and reports about returned products. You can view delivery status and all relevant details about dispatch and location of a parcel even if you outsource your order fulfillment.

Our IT team will help you to integrate your web-shop with Easy Commerce.

Yes, Easy Commerce – our online order fulfillment system can be integrated with different APIs, web-shops or selling platforms like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce, WordPress, etc., and you can access it from any device, anywhere.

You will get automation of your order fulfillment, faster delivery and reducement of your shipping costs, and grow globally.

You should choose us because our services are outstanding, reliable and tailored to your needs, With our experience and expertize you don’t have to worry about managing complexities of order fulfillment.

In sms you will find a reliable partner and you will always get customized fulfillment solutions.