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You are in the right place if you are looking for a reliable behind-the-scenes partner. Check out our FAQs guide through your fulfillment journey.

Do you have the minimum monthly volume required?2023-03-27T10:13:33+00:00

Whether in the B2B or B2C segment, your inventory is your greatest asset, regardless of size. We do not have the minimum monthly volume (MOQ) required to work with us or order volume or storage levels. Tailored-made packages are something our clients value the most.

What is our EasyCommerce platform and can you integrate with it?2023-03-27T10:11:42+00:00

Since 2013, our EasyCommerce system has been improving; it automates the order-to-fulfilment cycle, enabling our clients to outsource their inventory management and order fulfillment. So far, we have successfully integrated over 50 eCommerce businesses with our system.  It takes only a few clicks to fully integrate your e-commerce system with our EasyCommerce platform, whether using e-commerce software tools such as WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, and others.

What does it look like in real life? Watch the video here.

Can SMS fulfillment offer personalized packaging?2023-03-27T09:56:18+00:00

Custom packaging design makes your product highlighted from the competition and improves how much consumers want to spend on your product. It increases the product attractiveness and bolsters the buyer’s purchase impulse. With our custom-printed boxes, you can choose the colour, create a design with your logo and quickly have the packages ready for use. We can produce customized tapes and stickers and add packaging fillers and promotional cards. Read more here. 

Can we help you to handle value-added tax (VAT)?2023-04-19T09:19:46+00:00

Value-added tax, or VAT, is added to a product at every point of the supply chain where value is added to it. VAT, in the European Union, is a general, broadly based consumption tax assessed on the value added to goods and services. It applies more or less to all goods and services that are bought and sold for use or consumption in the European Union. Thus, goods which are sold for export or services which are sold to customers abroad are normally not subject to VAT. More than 160 countries around the world impose Value Added Tax on goods and services.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information – use the contact form, or reach out to your Account Manager if you are our client already.

What is the role of SMS fulfillment in the ownership of packages?2023-03-27T09:34:31+00:00

SMS fulfillment services is not the owner of the goods but the logistics services provider. Therefore, the quality and other attributes of the goods are the responsibility of the sender, shipper, or owner.

Are there any prohibited items we shall not ship?2023-04-19T09:20:40+00:00

It is possible to ship any packages allowed for international shipping flow.
Prohibited items and restricted content for postal stream and airmail cannot be sent. On the other hand, some dangerous goods (flammable, chemical liquids, etc.) can be shipped by road under special conditions if you have the necessary licenses.

SMS fulfillment provides last-mile distribution services of different carriers; therefore, different rules for dangerous goods apply between road and air transport. If you have dangerous goods Class1-9, please consult our team via the contact form for new clients, or reach out to your Account Manager if you are our client already.

Can customs stop our shipment in transit due to any reason?2023-03-27T09:26:29+00:00

A seamless customs process improves overall transit time, and shipments are held in customs to ensure they satisfy export or import customs regulations.
In international shipping, it is not allowed to under-declare the value of the goods on package labels or misdeclare the content description and HS (harmonized system codes) code on packages. Responsibility is handled by the sender, shipper, or owner of the goods using SMS fulfilment services.

Are the goods at the warehouse insured?2023-03-27T09:18:15+00:00

Yes, our warehouses are insured against floods, fires, theft, or earthquake. There is also an option for our clients to get additional insurance for their goods. Also, we have insurance for data protection.

Is there a limit to the number of items we can store?2023-03-27T09:15:47+00:00

At SMS fulfillment, there is no strict maximum to the number of stock-keeping units or SKUs . We can provide storage for large amounts of goods, but if you have an exceptionally large inventory, contact us for more information. Our experts will meet the demands of your industry. And here you can find out more about the markets we specialize in.

What is an HS Code and why is it important?2023-03-27T09:07:05+00:00

HS code stands for Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System. It is an international customs classification system which allocates a unique 6-digit HS code to each group of products.

HS codes consist of 6 at least digits and are broken down into: Chapters (first 2 digits), Headings (first 4 digits) and Subheadings (full 6 digits). The HS codes are further subdivided into 7- to 12-digit items depending on the country (also referred to as commodity codes and national tariff lines). They are used by customs to classify the shipped product. That way, they can accurately calculate taxes and duties and apply necessary restrictions.

Does your warehouse comply with all safety and security standards?2023-03-27T09:00:36+00:00

At SMS fulfillment, we’re committed to protecting your inventory with the highest level of security. Our facilities are equipped with 24/7 state-of-the-art video monitoring, security systems, and regularly patrolled yards. Also, we are experts in handling dangerous goods of various types throughout the entire supply chain.

In our bonded and EU warehouses, we can accept goods directly from your EU and non-EU suppliers and store them securely in our warehouses.

How long does it take to get set up and start with shipping?2023-03-27T08:19:18+00:00

It takes approximately 3  weeks. After signing an initial proposal, we can start with Easy Commerce integration. When everything is set up, the first test shipping can be sent. Read more in our blog. 

How do you handle returns?2023-03-27T08:55:31+00:00

We turn your online store’s returns and non-delivered parcels into a positive experience for you and your customer! The product is promptly returned to its regular place in the warehouse, where it remains until another customer orders it. How to master return management and save money when it seems the era of free online returns is over? Read in our blog.

Do you offer “green” packaging?2023-04-19T09:22:07+00:00

We are offering sustainable packaging for all purposes.  Contact our team for more information.

What are the limits to package dimensions and weight?2023-03-27T08:45:54+00:00

To provide the best delivery experience, we have partnered with numerous renowned postal &courier companies enabling various delivery options to your end consumer. Your customers will be able to track their parcel in real-time and find out when it will be delivered.

For postal services, a package weight limit is 2kg, and the dimensions of the package must not exceed 90cm, while the longest side is 60cm. For courier services, the maximum weight of the parcel is 31,5kg, and the longest side can be a maximum of 175cm, but the maximum dimensions are (height+width)x2+length, and must not exceed 300cm.

Do you organize the transport of stock to your warehouse?2023-03-27T08:32:04+00:00

We provide tailored made fulfillment solutions customized to our clients’ needs.  Yes, we can organize the transport of your goods to our warehouse. The weight and volume of the freight could vary from small packets of documents to heavily loaded pallets.

Do you require signing a long-term contract?2023-03-27T08:26:48+00:00

There’s nothing worse than being tied to an agreement that no longer works for you. We strive to deliver more than expected and this what generates that extra value recognized by our long-term clients. All you need to start with SMS fulfillment solutions is a signed initial proposal. Fulfillment and logistics agreement includes all duties, rights, prices, etc.

Swiss accuracy and best in the market fulfillment rates? We have them.

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