Fulfillment onboarding and lead time: How long does it take to start with SMS fulfillment?

Fast and accurate order fulfillment services are crucial to your eCommerce company’s success. Outsourced fulfillment helps you reduce shipping costs, automate your fulfillment, and expand into new markets. There are several stages in the fulfillment process itself before the product is safely and on-time delivered to customer’s hands, but the initial starting point is the onboarding.

What do our clients get with our order fulfillment service?

We understand that every business has different needs. We provide the flexibility to handle the rapid growth and high seasonality critical in the eCommerce industry.

No minimum order quantity (MOQ). Whether in the B2B or B2C segment, your inventory is your greatest asset, regardless of size. We do not have the minimum monthly volume (MOQ) required to work with us or order volume or storage levels. Tailored-made packages are something our clients value the most.

Bonded and EU warehouses. We can accept goods directly from your EU and non-EU suppliers and store them securely in our warehouses. Your products imported from outside Europe will be safely stored in our bonded warehouse in Serbia. This leaves an option of not paying customs immediately. If your supplier is located outside of the EU, SMS can help with the customs clearance and pay for the import VAT and duties on your behalf. A bonded warehouse is usually used by clients who ship their consignments to destinations outside of the EU. Clients who want to keep a part of the stock non-cleared (in transit) until further decision.

Our EU warehouses are in Austria and Slovakia.

Swiss Mail Solutions started their operation

Multichannel delivery. SMS fulfillment is partnered with all the major carriers and platforms in distribution and transport. We have daily injections to various distribution channels by our vans, giving our clients  a highly cost-effective service and optimizing distribution costs.

Customs clearance and VAT registration. SMS fulfillment can help with IOSS/OSS registration so you can fulfill your seller’s VAT obligations. We automatically issue invoices with the applicable VAT rate of the destination country for those customers using our fulfillment services when required.

Personalized packaging. Custom packaging design makes your product be highlighted from the competition and improves how much consumers want to spend on your product. It increases the product attractiveness and bolsters the buyer’s purchase impulse. With our custom-printed boxes, you can choose the colour, create a design with your logo and quickly have the packages ready for use. We can produce customized tapes and stickers and add packaging fillers and promotional cards.

IT support and dedicated Account Manager. SMS’s IT team is leveraging technology and web-based support tools to ensure the highest quality of services and the best overall customer experience. Nothing is out of scope, and any technical problems that come up are quickly resolved.

Our highly professional support team assists you with:

  • Integration of your web shop with our EasyCommerce platform
  • Monitoring every step of the value chain
  • Real-time stock information
  • Real-time track & trace
  • Personalized reports

Sandra, our Account Manager says, “Priority number one for all account managers in our company is supporting the clients daily, taking care of their everyday orders and finding the best solution for various challenges in our business chain.” Read her story here.

Fulfillment onboarding and lead time – How long does it take to start with us?

According to an eMarketer report: “The biggest challenges facing retailers today include transportation, scalability, inventory management, order processing speed and accuracy, and profitability.”

So choosing the right fulfillment partner can upscale or put your e-commerce business at risk.

Next to the essential fulfillment KPIs: delivery speed, warehouse locations, service price, flexibility, responsiveness, return management, technology and integration, our clients emphasize onboarding and the lead team as another significant factor when choosing a fulfillment provider.

With SMS fulfillment solutions, an average of 3 weeks is necessary as a lead time between the contract signature and shipping start.

Once all the required information is in place from a legal perspective, the IT team runs integration with our easyCommerce platform. EasyCommerce is an integrated, web-based service that allows you to manage online businesses anywhere and anytime securely. It automates the order-to-fulfillment cycle, enabling our clients to outsource their inventory management and order. The first batch of products is delivered, and the shipping can start.

Our times are an estimate but not a guarantee. For more detailed information on how we calculate the estimated onboarding time and to find out what can potentially slow it down, reach out to SMS sales team.

Swiss accuracy and best in the market rates? We have them.