Customized fulfillment services for international businesses

As a growing eCommerce company, you want to focus on customer acquision, increasing sales and expanding to new markets. Instead, you are burden to a day-to-day management of a warehouse operations and delivery.

Swiss Mail Solutions is the missing piece of your eCommerce puzzle, getting your orders from sold to received. With modern facilities and the very latest warehouse technologies, we manage the order fulfilment and stock management operations of more than fifty fast-growing B2B and B2C retailers.

Our highly-developed processes and systems allow us to fulfill your orders with exceptional speed and unmatched accuracy and reliability.

In addition to our product fulfillment services, we offer a full range of customer support services. Through our up-to-date systems all our staff have real-time information on the delivery status of every shipment. Any orders placed can be edited right up until the minute they are picked, so we can accommodate any last-minute changes, including updating addresses, adding or removing items or changing the postage mechanism.

We are ready, equipped and able to handle any of your requirements immediately.

Fulfillment Solutions

Looking for global eCommerce fulfillment, with Swiss reliability?


We have several locations of hubs worldwide, that provides us with a direct connection to an extensive road network leading to all of Europe. Thus, it enables us to organize efficient line hauls to most European countries as well as overseas destinations. In addition, we collaborate with numerous major and smaller private postal operators. Therefore, we can offer you a comprehensive range of shipping options to choose from. Our team of professionals is happy to assist you with selecting the optimal solution for you.


We can accept goods directly from your suppliers, and store them securely in our modern, spacious warehouses. Place your merchandise in key markets, within and outside of EU.

Our warehousing services apply to:

  • Small goods and documents up to 31,5 kg
  • Non-perishable food
  • Medical products
  • Catalogues and magazines
  • Beauty products


We deal with preparing orders for shipping, packaging goods, and organizing distribution. Our pick & pack services include:

  • Brand packaging
  • Customized packaging solutions
  • Printing of invoices, delivery notes and inserts to shipments
  • Shipping to postal and courier operators
  • Cross border mail
  • Letter shop
  • Cash on delivery
  • Track & Trace

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pick and pack services.


Fast and reliable delivery is the key to satisfied customers from all over the world. With our software EasyCommerce, you can track & trace your orders, in real time.

Our order fulfillment services include:

  • Status updates of parcels from operators
  • E-mail or sms-alerts for shipments
  • Delivery status history

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With our outsourced fulfillment services you get access to our platform EasyCommerce, with full IT support. Our highly professional support team will help you monitor every step of the value chain:

  • Real time stock information
  • Real time track & trace
  • Real time cost control
  • History of shipments and returns
  • Customized reports

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When goods are imported into a European Union country from a non-EU territory, goods may be subject to customs duty, excise duty and value-added tax. We provide our clients administrative relief, known as Low Value Consignment Relief, or LVCR. It is an optional VAT relief designed to speed up the transit of low value goods through the mail, which might otherwise be delayed by customs, and also reduce the cost of tax collection where it might not be practicable.


We cooperate with numerous renowned transport & distribution companies. This enables us to offer you cost-efficient shipping rates. Our distribution services include:

  • Best carriers and platforms
  • Various postal operators in the letter stream, up to 2 kg
  • Various courier operators for parcel delivery
  • Interfaces to sales platforms
  • Database import and export
  • Daily shipping schedules
  • High cost-efficiency


We ensure secure delivery of your goods. If the recipient is not at home at the time of delivery, the parcel will be placed in the next post office or in a nearby parcel box. The customer can also redirect a parcel and have it delivered, for instance, to his or her office or to a neighbour.

Our delivery management services include:

  • Supervising local operators
  • Quality control and management
  • ERP for reports and stock control
  • Returns management


If you require additional security, you can send valuable documents and small goods as a registered letter. Registered letters are insured and equipped with track & trace. Each step of the distribution process is recorded and can be traced in real time. In addition, recipients have to confirm the receipt of a registered letter.

Some of our value added services are:

  • Track & trace
  • Cash on delivery
  • Local return address