Fulfillment services for various markets

We manage everything from inventory management, pick and pack to shipping. At the same time, you can focus on giving your customers the best online shopping experience.

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You don’t have to worry about managing the complexities of fulfillment. We invest in modern warehouse equipment, Kardex, which helps us provide tailored solutions that meet all your requirements. Managing your online business is easy and secure with Easy Commerce platform, enabling you to sell on multiple channels and real-time stock information.

sms fulfillment warehouse picking machine

Automated warehouses

Our picking accuracy is up to 99.99%. Reliable, cost-effective as always, and faster than ever.
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swiss mail soultions - Beauty and healthcare fulfillment
swiss mail soultions - Consumer electronics fulfillment
swiss mail soultions - Food supplements and vitamins fulfillment
swiss mail soultions - Pet accessories fulfillment
swiss mail soultions - Subscription box fulfillment
swiss mail soultions - Toys, crafts and games fulfillment
swiss mail soultions - Education fulfillment
swiss mail soultions - Homeware and accessories fulfillment
swiss mail soultions - Crowdfunding startups
swiss mail soultions - Stationery and gift fulfillment
swiss mail soultions - Baby products fulfillment
swiss mail soultions - Sports equipment - Fitness products fulfillment

What our clients say

“We’ve been working with SMS for 2 years and couldn’t be happier with the service. The team at SMS is very responsive and technology-wise very advanced which gives us piece-of-mind. Besides covering all our B2C needs, SMS also takes care of the stock supply for our retail partners such as BIPA. Therefore we can focus on what matters, pushing Alpine White’s Vision forward.”

Reto Wälchli

“The story of Loa Nails began in 2021, and in the same year, we teamed up with SMS to take care of the fulfilment part of our business. They are easy to work with, reliable and affordable partners. Accommodating our needs and budget while also doing a great job.”

Sanja Hajdarpasic

“First of all, I would like to say that I really enjoyed visiting the warehouse and meeting all of you.

It was a great experience! After contacting several providers, SMS appeared to be the best solution thanks to our ease of use, intuitive platform, complete offer, and the no minimum order.”

Linda Schreiber

Easy fulfillment with Easy Commerce

Our IT team will seamlessly sync with any system you are operating in.

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