Swiss mail solutions provides services that manage everything from inventory management, pick and pack, to shipping. At the same time, you can focus on giving your customers the best online shopping experience.

Keeping in mind that every e-commerce brand is unique, our professionals have created various solutions to suit any need. Our experts will meet the demands of your industry, and below, you can find just a few of the markets we specialize in.

swiss mail solutions markets we serve Beauty and healthcare fulfillment

Beauty and healthcare fulfillment

Whether you sell makeup, cosmetics, wellness, or skincare products, we ensure the correct item reaches the customer.

swiss mail solutions markets we serve Consumer electronics fulfillment

Consumer electronics fulfillment

Secure storage for high-value items, proper packaging, handling and labeling to avoid chargebacks.

Food supplements and vitamins fulfillment

Whether you’re selling vitamins or supplements, our certificated warehouse is the ideal place to store and ship your products.

Pet accessories fulfillment

From dog leads and cat flaps to animal supplements, we fulfill a wide range of pet supplies.


Subscription box fulfillment

We help you build customer loyalty with fast shipping, online tracking, and custom packaging for subscription products.

Toys, crafts and games fulfillment

From puzzles and educational toys to card games and board games. We ensure your orders arrive in perfect condition.

Education fulfillment

Sms is a 3PL that works with e-commerce booksellers to fulfill and ship books safely, affordably, and on time.


Homeware and accessories fulfillment

From pillows to scented candles and handcrafted accessories, styling the home is an ever-growing trend.

Crowdfunding startups

Sms specializes in fulfilling orders for crowdfunded campaigns primarily through Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Stationery and gift fulfillment

We provide order fulfillment services to leading stationery and gift brands. From luxury sets to gifts and accessories.


Baby products fulfillment

Baby products fulfillment comprises a wide range of products, including feeding accessories, diapers, body care products, and more.

Sports equipment- Fitness products fulfillment

Tracking steps, counting calories, analyzing sleep patterns. We offer a fast way to deliver equipment to the customers.