It is known that an average person spends 90.000 hours of his life at work, in a place that can positively and negatively affect the mental health, creativity, and behavior of an individual, therefore it is necessary to make this space as pleasant as possible, encouraging creativity, bringing new ideas to life and teamwork.

swiss mail solutions team - new office new spirit

Swiss mail solutions team in Belgrade has recently moved to a new, larger and more modern space, which has been transformed into a place where all employees feel comfortable, motivated and more dedicated to achieving goals.

All employees were engaged in the interior design, planning, and organizing the workspace since the engagement of employees in these activities contributes to increasing productivity.

Designing and organizing workspace fosters personal satisfaction and enables concentration to something that will in the future give positive results.

During the reconstruction and complete renovation of space, sms team was divided into sectors coordinating with numerous masters. People from IT were in charge of cooperating with electricians while logistics, sales and marketing people were in charge of branding space, which contributed to the fact that although every move is a stressful period, this is still a good party.

Internal motivation also encourages self-confidence, independent decision-making and the emergence of new ideas.

Creativity and attention to detail are encouraged by combining certain colors. Natural lighting positively influences analytical thinking.

A view of the backyard full of greenery and plants in offices enhance the interior space and reduce daily stress.

The company’s branding features, posters on the wall serve as a reminder for the purpose that we all strive to achieve together and give meaning to everyday business.