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Almost every household worldwide has a favorite living being – a pet, and about 90% of pet owners consider their pets family members. There is where the need for a trustworthy fulfillment partner in this industry takes place.
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Needs for 3PL Partner in Pet Supplies  Fulfillment

According to data from the Americans Pet Products Association, Americans spend $103.6 billion on their pets. Owners spend an average of $1480 on pet dogs’ basic expenses. We can say that this trend is growing worldwide, and now practically every 3PL fulfillment company offers pet fulfillment. It includes the fulfillment of pet food, supplements, toys, treats, and accessories.

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Pet food fulfillment

Pet food distribution and fulfillment get more challenging each year because of the growth of this e-commerce market. Consumers want what is best for their pets and require the highest service from retailers, which implies fast and cheap shipping options.

Sms offers pet food fulfillment services and has all conditions for safe storage and distribution. Our warehouse is perfect for non-refrigerated and dry food. When it comes to the expiry date of pet food, we always ship items with the closest expiration date as we follow a first in, first out fulfillment approach.

Subscription boxes

Pet owners are increasingly filming their pets for social networks, so the subscription box has become exciting for both pet owners and pets themselves.

TikTok is the best example of this. There are several popular accounts where owners record their pets’ unboxing subscription boxes that include a variety of treats, toys, activity gadgets, or pet accessories.

The most important and challenging part of subscription box fulfillment is the distribution to the final customer; that is where our professionalism stands out.

Pet fulfillment challenges

Even if it is a brief moment, an unpacking experience is part of the product that customers are buying.

1. Progressively, more pet food or any pet items are purchased online. Pet owners often buy pet food by subscribing to the online retail center rather than going to the store. Usually, that implies large packaging, and here the tricky part starts. Online sellers must provide better rates for shipping such large parcels.

2. Online purchasers require and expect an option for fast and free shipping. If we consider that sometimes, pet food can be in large packaging, we can presume that shipping costs would be very high. To meet customers’ expectations, online retailers usually must reduce the price of the items or find a solution that offers cheaper shipping.

3. Limited resources, i.e., insufficient space for storing goods or inadequate staff, can significantly affect the entire business. When it comes to such a growing industry, it is crucial to think about your own progress. A small team of people can run a successful online business, but it is necessary to have a good fulfillment strategy. The most important thing to remain competitive in a growing market is understanding the client’s needs without agreeing to reduce your profits. A well-conceived plan with a 3PL partner can significantly affect costs and end customers’ satisfaction.

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What our clients say..

“First of all, I would like to say that I really enjoyed visiting the warehouse and meeting all of you.

It was a great experience! After contacting several providers, SMS appeared to be the best solution thanks to our ease of use, intuitive platform, complete offer, and the no minimum order.”

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Linda Schreiber


If you are considering starting a pet products retail business or already managing one, you would certainly need a reliable 3PL partner.

At sms, we are always happy to accept clients who run this kind of business, and there is no doubt that we can help you succeed in the crowded marketplace.

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