What is an order fulfillment?

An order fulfillment includes complete logistics process ‒ from the moment of sale, until the delivery of product to the customer. It is commonly understood as a distribution of goods to end customer, by a third party provider. Company providing these services of logistics outsourcing is called fulfillment house, or 3PL provider (third party logistics provider). A reliable order fulfillment service should be the quiet, yet crucial, catalyst to the success of your business.

At Swiss Mail Solutions, we handle every aspect of order fulfillment ‒ from the moment the customer places their order in your shopping cart:

  • Efficient receipt and safe storage of all your products
  • Full IT support and integration with our order fulfillment platform EasyCommerce
  • Inventory management
  • Order processing
  • Customised order filling
  • Pick and pack
  • Cost-effective shipment around the world
  • Parcel tracking information for you and your clients
  • Order and inventory reports
  • Out of stock alerts
  • Delivery management
  • Complete management of the product return process
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Swiss Mail Solutions is the missing piece of your eCommerce puzzle, getting your orders from sold to received.

Benefits of outsourcing order fulfillment

Fast and accurate order fulfillment services are crucial to your eCommerce company’s success. Outsourcing order fulfillment helps you reduce your shipping costs, automate your fulfillment, and expand into new markets. The last thing you want to worry about is managing the complexities of fulfillment. Managing multiple warehouses, keeping products safe, running returns management, and ensuring products are picked, packed, and shipped correctly is a lot of work. Dealing with fulfillment on your own can slow you down and distract you from focusing on your core business.

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Why choose us?

Outsourcing your order fulfillment to Swiss Mail Solutions can provide you several advantages including secure and climate-controlled warehouses, speedy processing, faster delivery and shipping times, reliable returns and refund, and acclaimed customer service support.

An efficient planning of the logistics is hardly possible, so as an online retailer you can benefit from our experience and our expertise. For years, our ability to work with complex orders, high SKU counts, and unique packaging requirements has been what separates us from our competition. As an established logistics service provider, we work together with all company sizes and have the right infrastructure for each order.

By outsourcing fulfilment to SMS, new startups or established eCommerce stores have full access to order fulfilment dispatch and storage systems without the investment required in facilities, staff, technology systems and time in creating an efficient fulfilment and warehousing infrastructure.

At Swiss Mail Solutions, we understand that every business has different needs, which is why our services are flexible and scalable. We take the time to understand your company’s objectives, culture and opportunities by aligning with your strategic plan. At SMS, we provide the flexibility to handle the rapid growth and high seasonality that are critical in the eCommerce industry. We use a unique combination of competency, flexibility, experience, and technology programs to design fulfillment programs around our customers’ needs. Swiss Mail Solutions advises you on volume shipping best practices, enabling you to choose the most appropriate carriers to suit your product range or business model.

From storage to delivery, SMS offers everything you need to get your orders to your customers ‒ fast. With our online platform EasyCommerce, you can automate entire order-to-fulfillment cycle. It is fully integrated to all major ecommerce platforms and shopping carts – Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Amazon and other popular eCommerce platforms. Orders are packed according to your specifications and shipped worldwide with the carrier of your choice. Need to check inventory, track orders, or manage returns? Log in to EasyCommerce and track your inventory and orders in real-time. Read more about EasyCommerce.

Our experienced personnel constantly analyses the best-practice packaging methods for parcels and products. We will advise if changes are needed to the packaging process to prevent dispatch damages. We work hard on the package consolidation, because the more items we can package, the fewer items our clients are required to ship. Read more about our pick and pack service.