Personalised Packaging Can Give Your Company the Edge This Holiday Season

The busiest time of the year for most (online) stores is rapidly approaching. The fourth quarter is packed with special occasions where people increase their consumption. Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and, of course, Christmas Season are dates where online retailers make a big part of their yearly revenue. In 2020, 186.4 million people in the United States spent a total of $34.4 billion in what is known as Cyber Week (the five days including Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday). This amount represented a stunning 20.7% increase on a year-to-year basis. Online purchases achieved a historical record of  $10.8 billion

Although Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday all come from the US. They are quickly catching up all over the world. Consumers in different countries are already planning their holidays. After a long time in COVID state of emergency, people now want to celebrate more these holidays than last year. In a lot of cases, this translates to planning additional gifts and purchases. These statistics show that people are quickly getting in holiday fever. This time brings new opportunities for eCommerce businesses.

Personalised Packaging Can Help You This Holiday Season

People’s willingness to increase their expenditure during this holiday season means that the competition among online retailers will be high. Of course, customers pay a lot of attention to prices during this time. But that is not all there is. Clever retailers seek alternative ways to differentiate themselves from their competition. In a previous post, we presented five main reasons to go for personalised packaging. Personalised packaging can be the decisive factor for your success in this holiday season.

Is packaging really that big of a deal? In a survey conducted by Smithers, 58% of the consumers reported that they would not buy a product if the packaging were damaged. According to Ipsos, 72% of the people said that a product’s packaging design often influences their decision to buy it. As much as 67% said that the packaging materials also play a decisive role in their purchasing decisions. The color, branding, and tactile feeling of the package all play a pivotal role in the first impression that your product has on the customer. Unboxing a new article is a conclusive moment in the purchasing experience. 

In Swiss Mail Solutions, we use a comprehensive approach to help our customers get the most out of this holiday season. Our experts are constantly researching for the most advanced, safe, and environmentally friendly packaging materials. Provide an unforgettable experience to your customers. Our experts will help you figure out the most attractive way to personalise the package of your products. We take care of your fulfillment needs, ensuring that your products are impeccable when getting to their destination. Even in these difficult times, we ensure on-time delivery and a personalised experience.