Pick & Pack Solutions

If you are finding yourself overwhelmed with order volumes, or you're simply not in a position to expand your existing facilities, we can offer you exceptional pick and pack service. Whether you're shipping a handful of items daily or thousands, our pick and pack solutions can be custom tailored to meet your specific order requirements. Let our packing experts do the job for you so your items arrive safely and intact.

Keeping your products safe is our number one priority. Our modern warehouses in Slovakia (EU) and Serbia (Non-EU) provide a secure environment to safely store your products. All facilities are climate-controlled and with security cameras, tracking every movement.

Our integrated, automated warehouse systems enable us to provide state-of-the-art pick and pack service, with real time tracking of all items, worker activity, project performance, and package shipping.

With a choice of shelf and volume storage, our warehouses are designed to handle fast moving items as well as prepare for campaigns, seasonal peaks and product launches.

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Our warehouse computers are linked to our order processing system to provide 100% accuracy and real-time shipping information, including shipping method, account numbers, etc. Once shipped, the tracking numbers, weights, amounts, and date fields are immediately transferred to our order processing system for real time online tracking.

All of our pickers use handheld scanners that direct them to the next order and item to be picked, locate additional quantities of an item for replenishment, and review the status of an existing order.

Our smart route management calculates the most efficient journey through our warehouses, minimising travel time and stops, ensuring orders are picked and packed as quickly as possible.

With our order management system EasyCommerce your stock levels and stock transactions are made easily accessible. Once each order is complete and marked for dispatch, your stock levels are deprecated accordingly. You will get stock level alerts in an agreed timeframe, so you have sufficient time to restock prior to stock levels being depleted.

You can set low stock levels for reordering alerts, view real time order status reports and order tracking direct to carrier websites. A 24/7 online ordering system is also available for you to place orders.

With our platform EasyCommerce, that is provided free as part of our pick and pack service, you can check on stock availability and create new orders for fulfilment at any time.

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We can help you configure our system to maximize the item consolidation per package for their products. The more items that are put into each package, the fewer packages our clients have to pay to ship.

Our system and processes are designed to consolidate your orders into the fewest packages possible to minimize your costs. Our boxes are customized so your goods leave no void, cutting costs for you. No more "one size fits all".

With our expertise clients will receive cost-effective packs that are fit for purpose, reduce wastage and reflect their brand image.

When you entrust your brand to us, your standards are ours. That’s why everything we ship is well presented and suitably packaged.

We work closely with our clients, sourcing suitable packaging in order to cut out waste and ensure the client values are reflected in the pack produced. Work can vary from a simply collation of items in to gift bags to the creation of multi-kits with differing level of components, in plain or branded packaging.

We assist you in finding the best technical and most cost-effective solution. We develop and manufacture product packaging solutions that boost sales and devise promotional displays.

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There are actually no limits when it comes to packaging solutions. By keeping the focus on technical feasibility and high consumer appeal, we find the best solution for your product. Our range extends from exquisite folding boxes and corrugated cardboard packs and plastic packaging (trays, fillers, blisters, folding blisters) to sophisticated composite packaging solutions.

Packaging your goods is possible with all products and packing materials. We work with our clients to source and test the appropriate box and tape for their products. When the right box and tape are used, our clients’ packages are optimally protected, and they will have to resolve fewer shipping claims.

Just tell us what you want to ship and we'll collect it and professionally package it in our customized boxes, with the greatest attention to detail.

Protecting the goods against damage during transport is the primary function of all shipping packaging. Secure packaging is especially important for high-value items, such us electronics. To achieve our goal of 100% client satisfaction, we implement comprehensive verification measures and permanent quality controls.

We use all necessary materials, to keep your items safe - bubble cushioning, foam wrap, foam planks, etc.

We are trained in advanced packing techniques like block and brace, double box, and suspension. We can pack securely almost anything.

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In addition to normal packaging and labeling, we also undertake re-labeling or special labeling. Supported by the latest IT technology, all consignments are scanned and monitored continuously.

Whatever the product - tins, bottles, sachets, boxes, bags and anything else that might need a label - we can label your product according to different brand, text, barcodes as required.

Sometimes precision labelling is required, possibly because you are running a promotion or campaign or simply want to change the appearance of your product. Either way, our skilled team can make it happen. Just let us know what you need.

Cost-effective shipping is critical to bottom-line profitability. Driven by our intelligent parcel-routing and labelling systems, we offer a comprehensive range of international carrier services - which means you will always pay the lowest price.

With access to untracked, economy, premium, bulk and international options from a range of carriers, we can provide a broad spectrum of service levels at very competitive price points.

Our systems are fully integrated with these carriers, which means that shipping labels and manifests are automatically generated and every order can be tracked to the point of delivery.

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With our software EasyCommerce you can track and trace your shipments in real time. Each step of the process is comprehensible and you are always informed about the current status and whereabouts of your packages.

Our systems directly integrate with most major eCommerce platforms and marketplaces through a real time interface known as API - application programming interface. So if you're selling on Amazon and eBay or through a Magento, Opencart, WooCommerce, Shopify or your customized webshop, orders will seamlessly flow into the system with zero human intervention.

EasyCommerce will keep you fully informed about orders, and information on your webshop will allways be up-to-date.

Seasonal traders, rapid growers, multi-nationals or new-starts. Wherever you are on your journey, and however your sales fluctuate, flexible order processing means we’ll adjust with you.

Our storage facility and expert team allows us to support you when demand for your products increases. We are able to cope with spikes in demand from campaigns, launches and peak seasons.

With bonded and non-bonded warehouses around the globe, and direct connection to an extensive network of renowned distribution companies, you can enter new markets at a fraction of the cost.

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Returns or reverse logistics are a reality of doing business online. At swiss mail solutions, we turn your online store’s returns into a positive experience for you and your customer, by quickly processing returned shipments, to ensure that your customers receive their refund as quickly as possible.

We provide support in the form of effective returns management, which is tailored to your needs. In addition to accepting returns, this service also includes the assessment of these goods for possible processing or disposal. If having been assessed, a product is found to be in good enough condition to be resold, it will be quickly placed back in the warehouse, repackaged and relabelled. The product is promptly returned to its normal place in the warehouse, where it remains until it is ordered by another customer.