SMS Time Travel Series: Opening of the Hong Kong Office

sms has grown over the years to spread its presence all over the globe, giving its client’s easy entrance into many markets.

Springtime in 2016 it made an expansion East and opened its office in Hong Kong, taking its first steps to entering the arena of the Chinese fulfillment service world. Though sms had already begun establishing its presence in 2015 it made a permanent residence in Hong Kong in 2016, in order to be closer to its clients and keep a physical presence in the market.

With an office in Hong Kong and a warehouse for fulfillment, the sms HK team made its great strides in establishing a close bond with new clients and developing business in the region.

Now the team has four members who are always ready to assist the client’s in having their needs met; in the picture above you can see (from left), Regen Tse (logistics officer), Joseph Loong (business development executive), Cody Yim (business development executive) and Tammy Chan (Managing Director of the Hong Kong Office).

Besides the international services that sms provides, the Hong Kong office also provides local (HK) delivery with or without Proof of Delivery. If you wish to find out more about the Hong Kong office services, they can be reached via telephone at +852 37 08 96 78 or email at

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