With Swiss mail solutions, you have a reliable partner! We meet your needs, you expand your business globally.

Our fulfillment solutions cover day-to-day warehouse operations and delivery and return management while you concentrate on customer acquisition, increasing sales, and expanding to new markets.

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We manage everything from storing inventory, processing orders, customized pick and pack, shipping, and returns.

We can accept goods directly from your suppliers and store them securely in our modern, spacious warehouses in Austria, Serbia, and Hong Kong. Our warehouses are designed to handle fast-moving items, seasonal peaks, and product launches with a choice of shelf and pallet storage.

Pick and pack

Our pick and pack solutions are custom-tailored to meet your specific order requirements, reduce wastage and reflect your brand image.

We provide:

  • Automatized receiving orders from your web shop
  • Daily processing of orders
  • Accurate picking and packing of items
  • Protective packaging
  • Printing invoices, delivery notes and inserts to shipments
  • Personalization of packaging solutions
Order tracking

Fast and reliable delivery is the key to satisfied customers from all over the world. With our software EasyCommerce, you can track & trace your orders in real-time.

Our order fulfillment services include:

  • Customized e-mail alerts to end customers
  • Automatized updates of your web shop
  • Delivery status history
Customer and IT Support

With our outsourced fulfillment services, you get access to our platform EasyCommerce, with full IT support and a dedicated account manager.

Our highly professional support team will help you with:

  • Integration of your web shop with our EasyCommerce platform
  • Monitoring every step of the value chain
  • Real-time stock information
  • Real-time track & trace
  • Personalized reports
Return Management 

We turn your online store’s returns and non-delivered parcels into a positive experience for you and your customer!

  • The product is promptly returned to the warehouse
  • We assess the goods for further processing
  • The product is repacked and relabeled for a new customer
swiss mail solutions order fulfillment services

Order delivery is that one thing you need to get right in the e-commerce industry. This is also the last impression your customer has of your brand.

To provide the best delivery experience, we have partnered with numerous renowned postal &courier companies enabling various delivery options to your end consumer. Your customers will be able to track their parcel in real-time and find out when it will be delivered.

We are happy to meet your individual needs and provide you with cost-effective worldwide shipping solutions.

In case of damage to any of your goods, don’t worry. We will also take care of returns.

Our distribution services include:
  • Best carriers and platforms
  • Various postal operators in the letter stream, up to 2kg
  • Various courier operators for parcel delivery, up to 31.5kg
  • Daily injections to distribution channels
  • High cost-efficiency
  • Real-time track and trace
  • Quality control and management
  • Returns management

Distribution-only model – We provide a seamless link between your warehouse and your market that makes it easier than ever to monitor and control freight movement, costs, and effectively transport.