Support for the IT support

swiss mail solutions - Support for the IT support

Manuel’s specialty is obvious: As an extremely computer-savvy person, he is predestined for swiss mail solutions’ IT crew. He reinforced the team at the beginning of the year. Manuel is now handling and developing the web-based merchandise management system and has become a vital part of the IT staff. He brings his considerable expertise and valuable experience he broadened in various IT projects to sms. Manuel closely monitors the IT system and adapts it according to our clients’ needs. In other words, he sometimes mends minor blemishes.

Communication is key. Email and telephone systems have to work properly so that clients can reach us. They are also invaluable for internal communication. It is Manuel who supervises all those communication channels and ensures that they function smoothly. His first major project was to establish a new, local telephone number at which you can reach swiss mail solutions since 1.1.2015.

Manuel also enriches the team personally. He is outgoing and sociable. Sport helps him to balance the innumerable hours spent in front of the computer, in other words, in the infinite virtual vastness of the merchandise management system. In the summer heat, Manuel enjoys jumping into the chill. He is an artist on his snowboard in the winter season. All things considered, one might call him a sporty person and certainly, an expert in IT matters.