Swiss Mail Solutions Austria connects the European e-Commerce Market

Developing profitability through an international network

Effective from January 1st, 2014, Georg Weidinger – the former CEO of Swiss Post International Austria – will be taking over St. Galen’s (Switzerland) based swiss mail solutions GmbH. Founded in 2012, swiss mail solutions is focused on providing flexible logistic solutions as well as reliable postal & delivery services for e-Commerce shops. At the same time, e-Shops use swiss mail solutions’ subsidiary company, located in Herzogenburg (Lower Austria), for storing, commissioning and distributing parcels to various European destinations. In addition, swiss mail solutions offers to its clients mail delivery services to more than 200 countries worldwide.

“Starting from Fulfillment and Warehousing services over to Invoicing and Return-mail solutions, our goal is to support our partners through sms’ international network,” says CEO Georg Weidinger. “By doing this, we give them the necessary tools to quickly develop in Europe’s e-Commerce market”. The location in Austria, that grants easy-access to Central and East European countries as well as Germany, gives swiss mail solutions a competitive edge over its competition. This fact is very important if we keep in mind that last year Europe’s e-Commerce and Distance Selling Association, EMOTA, reported a 17% growth of the online market.

An Enterprise Resource Planning System geared for rapid posting

At this moment, sms ships internationally food supplement products, health-and-beauty articles, non-perishable food, special wallpapers, catalogs and magazines. The all-in-one service provider has developed a unique ERP system for its clients – whether ordering through a web-shop interface or a direct phone call, the client’s order is ready for immediate packaging and shipping. “Our system lets you summarize the information across various shipments in just one report – no matter if the delivery is being processed through the DPD parcel delivery system, Deutsche Post or Österreichische Post,” says Mr. Weidinger. Reports detailing additional information, such as current stock levels, individual shipping details, delivery channel performance, and generated sales can be produced as well. At the same time, the ordering party receives an automatic email notification detailing the Track-and-Trace code of their order, which allows for easier checking on the delivery status.

All-in-One solutions for the international e-Commerce market

“Through our Logistics and Shipping solutions we’re offering start-ups, SME’s and Large enterprises an all-around service for easier access to international destinations and markets” adds the experienced CEO. Swiss Mail Solutions has a special focus on e-Commerce businesses that are accessing international destinations whilst looking for a reliable partner to outsource their storage-and-shipping needs. “The end-goal is to allow our partners to concentrate on the core values of their business – product development, marketing, and sales”. For clients, whose goods are coming from non-EU countries, sms provides import solutions from a bonded warehouse.

Contact details:

Swiss Mail Solutions GmbH Georg Weidinger, CEO Industriestrasse 7, 3130 Herzogenburg Tel.: +43 1 3050477-10 E-Mail: