Why did we decide to open the store?

Being in the e-commerce order fulfillment business for so many years we gained some invaluable insights into the e-commerce business.

Listening to our clients speak about their problems and complicated processes, we decided to support their business and simplify those processes.

We created Open Store 24 as a new channel to help them to sell their products.

Open Store 24 is the e-commerce platform with unique products from our verified clients produced all over the world. It can be your platform too. A market where you belong. Place where you can make a difference.

Because you are passionate about the things that you do. Because we are passionate about the things that we do. And doing business with love means to give all you are for making a dream come true.

Open Store 24 is here now to support all your dreams. You can concentrate on selling and leave delivery to us.

With years of experience in order fulfillment, warehousing, and delivery, we can take care of your products from the moment that orders have been made to the moment that they reach the end destinations.

Open Store 24 is a win-win solution for you, for your customer and for us.

WELCOME TO OPEN STORE 24, the market where you belong!