Swiss Mail Solutions started their operation

Swiss Mail Solutions started their operation

Dear customers,

We are proud to inform you that the new facilities of Swiss Mail Solutions started their operation on October 1st 2013. The warehouse and storage facilities are new, outfitted with the latest equipment and running at full speed – all of our services are at your disposal.

We offer sufficient space to store all the goods we are entrusted with, while our experienced and dedicated team of experts is always available and ready to fulfill all our of clients’ desires.

In addition, in order to automate our services and exclude errors completely, as well as provide our customers with total real-time control over the aspects of their business that they have chosen to outsource with Swiss Mail Solutions, we have developed a fully integrated IT system.

The Swiss Mail Solutions IT system connects all parts of the value chain into a unified process – orders are loaded from the client’s web-shop, further processed to the pick-pack section and all shipment details are uploaded to the distribution organizations. It is easy to monitor all the steps your order goes through, allowing further cost & processing optimization.

Moreover, our lasting contacts with the distribution providers give our clients access to the best shipping rates. In short, we ensure the quality of shipment will reducing transport and distribution costs, both locally and globally.

The Swiss Mail Solutions, besides being automated, is also flexible as to provide various reports that will keep you in the control, always. Various reports have customizable segments – it is easy to spot possible bottle-necks, keep an eye out on quality assurance and optimize your distribution costs from start ’till finish. All the data can be easily monitored and the most important information filtered within moments.