swiss mail solutions our client tuf cookie visited warehouse and take group photo with our team



In today’s competitive and challenging world, your success can hinge on whether your warehouse operations are productive and efficient enough to meet your expectations and those of your clients. One way to measure how effectively your warehouse operations meet those expectations is to manage a warehouse operations evaluation: a systematic review of the warehouse functions looking for possible improvements in efficiency and service.

There are fulfillment companies that promise to do a great job, and then there are companies that really keep that promise.

Swiss mail solutions has proven over and over the ability to respond to clients’ business logistic needs and personal attention to shipping and packaging needs and concerns in an efficient and timely matter. We have a partnership that is crucial in the world of continued high-level customer expectations.

From traditional logistics to flexible and automated e-commerce fulfillment

The welfare of your pet – if you have one – is probably one of your biggest concerns. It can go from entertaining your cat or dog with a treat to helping it relax and recover its appetite or even relieving it from pain. Last week we were visited by one of our clients, dogs’ food and accessories retailer – Tuf Cookie. The client was able to experience the processes and operations within a warehouse firsthand.

“First of all, I would like to say that I really enjoyed visiting the warehouse and meeting all of you.

It was a great experience!”

Let’s discover together the beginnings of this company, which aims at the big European markets with the help of swiss mail solutions.

From the beginning of the adventure, Tuf Cookie was very popular and quickly realized that their current logistic solution was not optimal. The e-commerce retailers are looking for flexibility and automation so they can focus on their growth.

A more ” traditional ” and manual solution is possible when you fulfill less than a thousand orders per month. But beyond this threshold and with internationalization as a goal, it is necessary to opt for a more flexible and automated logistics setup.

After contacting several providers, swiss mail solutions appeared to be the best solution thanks to our ease of use, intuitive platform, complete offer, and the no minimum order.

Scalable and customized logistics with SMS

Therefore, our client was looking for a more scalable logistics solution that would allow the company to continue to grow while keeping track of every step of the supply chain and intervening at any time. It was also necessary to find a partner capable of integrating their custom-made online store to automate everything to avoid errors and gain speed.

Eventually, in SMS, they found the ideal partner. Swiss mail solutions digital fulfillment solution allowed them to save precious time and be more reactive – reactivity is the key for any growing e-commerce company, especially in such a competitive and changing environment. In addition to the digitization of the logistic process, the client can count on fast fulfillment and order processing (picking & packing), optimal inventory, and returns management that is transparent and visible on the intuitive customer dashboard.

Another essential advantage for pet care products fulfillment is the possibility to make manual orders, especially for sending to journalists and influencers that can be managed directly via the back-end.

Last but not least, Tuf Cookie customers are the most delighted with this partnership with SMS. Using a logistics partner for order processing now offers better shipping conditions to its customers, more options, and lower shipping costs. On top of that, the automated integration of the shop system eliminates manual errors and therefore offers faster shipping—some very good reasons for their customers to be delighted.

Cooperation with SMS also allows them to be more reactive, especially for customers who want to change details in their order We can take over at any time and make the changes quickly without manually interacting with the picking/packing teams.