How to Prepare for The Busiest Month in E-commerce

As November is forecasted to be the most profitable month in 2017 for e-commerce businesses (namely due to Chinese singles day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday all falling within that month), many are adjusting their online presence and prepare accordingly. [...]

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Turning the Shipping and Warehousing World Towards Technology

The growth of e-commerce as a business trend in the age of technology has had repercussions that rippled throughout the business world. This effected the logistics and warehousing world as much as all other aspects of business, as successfully maintaining [...]


WSI: sms – part 3: “Fulfillment or How a product gets on the way to the buyer”

My last investigation led me through sms’ spacious warehouse in Herzogenburg. Storing products for various clients is only the first step in supporting companies in their e-commerce endeavors though. That is surely a good reason to shed light on the [...]

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Fulfillment Outsourcing – 5 reasons why it can boost your business

All companies tend to have all the services they need in-house. Sure, qualities of service and of the end-product are always of the utmost importance as those are the factors that keep your clients coming back to you. And all [...]

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