Take a Look Inside Our EasyCommerce Platform!

What is EasyCommerce:

EasyCommerce is a new online platform that allows you to track and control your goods and deliveries online from anywhere, all on one platform.

Swiss Mail Solutions - EasyCommerce Platform

It tracks and records everything about your orders and stocks within our warehouses, and allows you to add new orders and keep everything running smoothly.

This type of platform is the latest technology to enter the logistics world, and though present, very few fulfillment companies offer a service such as this. The ability to track all details regarding your goods from the comfort of your home or on the road allows for freedom of time management and flexibility when it comes to information exchange between yourself and us, who organize for the goods to get where they need to go. Both parties win, since we can get your input faster and work to make sure everything arrives and is organized on time, while you aren’t bound to your email waiting to receive an update from us regarding your stocks and status of orders.

How Does It Work:

The platform can be accessed on all electronics, meaning desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile, making it extremely convenient for someone who is always on the go. When you enter the site you arrive to the homepage, which is a collection of all the most important details of your goods. As you can see in the image below, it gives you a look at your monthly numbers, as well as notify you of any pending issues, such as lack of stock. This makes keeping track of your business incredibly easy and you need less time to react should there be a low stock of a certain product, for example.

To get to more details you can go to the menu bar right above the overview. There you will find the three main segments of EasyCommerce services: Orders, Warehouse, and tracking.  Now let’s see what you can do in each part!


The orders section offers a look at you orders in the form of a list and the option of adding/removing orders as you see fit. Not only can you see the status of current orders, but also review orders previously sent, so that you can see how many orders have been delivered in a given time period, or look at which orders have yet to be delivered, for example. The options are endless!

In the case of adding new orders there are two options: one is to upload a file containing all new orders, and the system will update accordingly, while the second is to manually add each order at a time. 


This section gives you a virtual tour of your warehouse, all on one screen, and customizable viewing for your preference. It allows you to build and follow the status of all of your products and stocks. Not only can you add new products, but you can also track your stock of each product and send a notification to the system to expect new stock. 

When looking at the products, you have the option of searching based on name, SKU, barcode, description, weight, etc., making it easy to filter the goods the way you’d prefer.

Alongside this, you can also view the stock details, such as changes in stock availability, complete list of products and their respective stocks, manually adding to each stock, as well as downloading the complete stock report to look over.

Tracking Your Shipment:

On EasyCommerce we also offer the service of tracking your shipments, whether they are packages or bulk shipments, postal registered, parcel or express. Tracking a package can be done at every point of the delivery process, but EasyCommerce allows for you to track it all on the platform, as opposed to locating it through several sites. This is done through to main services: line-haul tracking and tracking from injection point:


The final section is focused on tracking and tracing bulk shipments. Once a bulk shipment has been dispatched, during its linehaul it has several stops. In order to track it you can plug in the shipment number into the cell as depicted below and EasyCommerce will give you a chronological update of all the locations and phases the order has gone to before it arrive to the injection point.


From the moment of the shipment’s arrival to the local injection point, each individual order (meaning package) per customer receives its own tracking number from the abovementioned injection point. From this point Line-haul’s work is taken over by the service “check delivery status” found above the menu bar (seen in image above). Here each individual package can be tracked because the platform is connected with the tracking services of our partners, making it convenient to follow the package from moment of dispatch to delivery to customer, without having to leave this webpage.

Giving you both complete control and freedom, EasyCommerce makes managing your orders easy. Of course, alongside the platform you have our team that is always at your disposal for whenever you need additional information, but having all of this in the palm of your hand is a great solution to one of ecommerce’s most time-consuming elements. Whether you’re traveling to close new deals, or on vacation on a remote island, EasyCommerce will always be here to give you an effortless view and management of your goods, making it the perfect partner for your business!

Should you wish to find out more contact us at info@swissmailsolutions.com.