World Mail & Express Asia Pacific Conference Report

Swiss Mail Solutions was one of the participants at the “World Mail & Express Asia Pacific Conference” 2013, held in beautiful Bali, Indonesia, from November 4th – 6th.

swiss mail solutions - World Mail & Express Asia Pacific Conference Report

The “World Mail & Express Asia Pacific Conference” is dedicated to developing the cross-border mail channels that connect Asia to other International destinations, together forming a web of postal traderoutes.

This year, the emphasize was put on the e-Commerce business from Asia towards Europe – following market growth indicators and International mail solutions business expansion markers, the Asia-Pacific region has quickly developed into the fastest growing market for international mail order business.

Since Swiss Mail Solutions excels in providing integrated Warehousing, Shipping and Fulfillment solutions it was important for us to further develop the SMS value chain and quality standards. By closely listening to the needs of our clients as well as the feedback from our Logistics & Postal operators, we are able to enhance our value chain with integrated services that provide a one-stop solution for cross border mail projects.

There are many barriers (legal and geographical) an Asia company has to overcome to make sure her products reach the European customer. If we are aware of the tight-spots developing a good transport & delivery system, while keeping quality standards, will mean higher cost-efficiency for our clients and better service to the end-user. The wall between the sellers and the buyers can be removed. In order to link the whole process, the Swiss Mail Solutions tracking system will play a vital role.

Among many good presentations at this event, the most attention-grabbing (at least for me) was that of Richard Li, Chief Operating Officer of Shen Zhen (China) based company 4PX Express – with his approval, the presentation can be downloaded here.