WSI: sms – part 3: “Fulfillment or How a product gets on the way to the buyer”

My last investigation led me through sms’ spacious warehouse in Herzogenburg. Storing products for various clients is only the first step in supporting companies in their e-commerce endeavors though. That is surely a good reason to shed light on the following steps that are necessary so that an ordered item reaches the buyer.

This week’s ‘work scene investigation’ returns to both settings of the last episodes, as the processing and preparation of orders is carried out in the (back) office as well as in the warehouse proper.

swiss mail solutions Austria connects the European e-Commerce Market

Concerning the processing of orders, which is done by swiss mail solutions, there is more to watch and observe, if clients’ customers order in the traditional way by mail. Whenever a packet of order forms – for instance for the new Mini WRC model –arrives, the customer care team is responsible for processing those forms and adding the details to the database of customer contacts, which swiss mail solutions creates for a client. Naturally enough, there is less to see, if the IT experts retrieve data via an interface to a client’s online store or online marketplace account, or if clients directly forward order details.

After this first step of processing orders, one has to return to sms’ warehouse aka the fully-fledged fulfillment center. Cardboard boxes, envelopes, bubble envelopes, huge work tables, desks, etc. – everything is primed for packing the ordered goods.

At the fulfillment center, you can clearly see what pick & pack means. Ordered items are prepared for shipment here. With regard to the investigation,

it is important to look closely and watch carefully. It becomes obvious that every little task is carried out by experts.  The professional fulfillment team knows which type of packaging serves best for each product. One colleague uses a bubble envelope to ensure a higher level of protection, the team also selects the ideal size of the boxes for parcels. The actual packing is done with great care. What is as important is the application of addresses or other necessary labels. „If clients want to accentuate their company, they can use our brand packaging service,” Mr. Weidinger highlights one of swiss mail solutions’ popular additional services.

Here they are now: the perfectly packed parcels. There is only one last step that has to be taken so that the buyer can hold an ordered product in his or her hands. Delivery has to be organized. swiss mail solutions selects the shipping method according to the demands of each project and entrusts a delivery organization with the delivery of a shipment. To be able to offer the ideal solutions, the company collaborates with numerous international postal organizations, private postal providers and express delivery companies. The ‘work scene detective’ can watch preparatory tasks, namely contacting those partners and finalizing the details. Naturally enough, the last step is a more visible one as well: The packages prepared for shipment are handed over to the respective delivery service operator.

The completion of this last step is also the logical conclusion of this week’s ‘work scene investigation’.