WSI (work scene investigation): sms – part 1: ‘Customer care central’

Swiss mail solutions supports clients from all over the world and provides an extensive range of fulfillment solutions.

Let’s play detective and find out how sms fulfils its role as a vital partner for businesses in e-commerce. A close investigation of the workplace ought to yield clear results. This week’s ‘work scene investigation’ focuses on the customer service center, as, on request, swiss mail solutions takes care of a client’s customer care service as well.

Let’s start the inspection using a keen eye and a good deal of detective instinct. Surprisingly enough, it’s not so much a good nose that’s necessary for a thorough investigation of the customer care section, but a sharp ear. In order to scrutinize this part, it is far more important to understand, quite often in the literal sense.

SMS Customer care central

Sound reigns here. Entering the office, the ringing telephone dominates the room. Although the temptation to take the call is strong, it is better to let the professionals at swiss mail solutions do their work. „Service clientèle de Direkt Collections, bonjour.“ Calls coming in via a hotline especially established for a specific client are answered in such beautiful and melodious French. Listening carefully, it becomes clear that the customer care service is conducted by native speakers. This is terribly important, as understanding is the key to good customer care.

Therefore, listening carefully is the motto of this week’s close ‘work scene investigation’. Sihem and Fatoumata, sms’ French-speaking customer care assistants, politely answer each and every question on the phone or via email. If further inquiries are necessary, they are carried out quickly. French is not the only language that is spoken at swiss mail solutions. Clients with a large Russian-speaking customer base rely on Tatjana. She is responsible for customer service in Russian.

Supporting international businesses in their e-commerce endeavors with top-class service for their particular customers requires more than speaking French and Russian. In a worldwide market, other languages are as important. Looking over Eva’s shoulder, who is working diligently, reveals that her reply to a request starts with a “Dear Mrs”. “English is a matter of course,” she explains and resumes perfecting her message. Surprisingly enough, or for industry experts not surprisingly at all, German is a core language for customer care service on behalf of international clients as well. German-speaking countries, above all Germany, are important markets for online retailers. Therefore, swiss mail solutions with its operations in Austria has what it takes: a customer care team speaking flawless German.

Back in the office’s French quarter, a huge stack of postcards on a colleague’s desk catches the eye. A closer look shows that they are in French. That the handwritten texts are names and addresses is obvious, even for people with little or no knowledge of the foreign language. “Order forms for the new VW Polo model rally car,” my colleague enlightens me, having interpreted my puzzled look correctly. Now, all is perfectly clear. On request, swiss mail solutions also takes care of order processing for companies. “Orders do not only come in in the form of postcards, our clients’ customers also order online or via telephone,” sms’ CEO Georg Weidinger adds.

I am completing today’s work scene investigation now so that my colleagues can resume their work undisturbed. My sharp ears have fulfilled their duty for the time being, whereas the customer care team at sms always has a receptive ear for queries.